Capriccio Elite


Facilitating Growth Toward Independent Community Living.


Focused on offering ELITE services & supports for people who experience developmental and intellectual disabilities.

What is ‘Capriccio’?

‘Capriccio’ is a musical marking, indicating a free and lively tempo with the goal of inspiring liveliness. For a Capriccio to be successful, all of the musicians must work as a team to follow the conductor’s lead through lively tempo changes. The individual receiving supports is viewed as the conductor, and as such, he/she directs the tone and tempo of services provided.

Capriccio Elite, LLC offers a variety of service/support options that are aimed at supporting the person receiving supports to live in the home setting of his/her choice, interact and engage in his/her neighborhood and community and have fun!

Why Capriccio Elite?

Our attention is focused on each individuals’ unique abilities and preferences. The path taken is one that is collaborative in meeting each persons goals.