What We Do.

The mission of Capriccio Elite, LLC is to facilitate growth toward independent community living.

The overarching goals of all services provided through Capriccio Elite, LLC are aimed at the promotion of independence over dependence and the stabilization or acquisition of independent living skills that increase self-reliance and value in one’s home and community.

The philosophy of Capriccio Elite, LLC is that persons of all abilities need help and support from others to realize our fullest potential. In practice, this simply means that we are best able help others when we do “with” and not “for”.

The Capriccio Elite, LLC goal is met when the service recipient is able to live a full life with the least amount of paid support necessary and at the highest level of contribution to his/her or her community and household as possible. Stable supports may be the cornerstone of sustaining the met goal.

Our Customers

Capriccio Elite, LLC supports men, women, and children ages 5 and older who experience intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Persons that most benefit from our services are those that:

  • Need care and support that are supplemental to the primary caretaker
  • Prefer to have an agency supported service
  • Prefer to have services delivered in their home and within their immediate community.
  • Require 24 hour supports in a group home setting (where available)

Our Services

Capriccio Elite, LLC is licensed by DBHDS for In-Home Supportive service and non-center based day support services for children, adolescents, and adults. We also offer group home services (when available) for adults 18 and older. Our flagship service is In-Home supports where building skills is the backbone of the service. We also provide agency directed in-home respite, personal assistance, and companion services as well as independent living services. Each of these services are provided in the individual’s home, community, and the individual’s workplace or post-secondary schooling where applicable.

Below you will find a brief description of each service we offer.

In-Home Services

In-Home Supportive Services are offered to eligible individuals who live in their own home, with family, or with another non-paid primary caretaker. Persons that benefit from this service are those that have a desire to maintain and/or a need to acquire skills that help the individual remain in their home and community. In addition to skill building, this service includes supports with activities of daily living, monitoring health, safety, and general well-being, and transportation with supports to participate in community activities.

Group Home

Group home services are designed to support Medicaid Waiver eligible persons aged 18 and older in a 24-hour home setting. Our goal in providing this service is to support persons to live in a home that provides a shared living experience in which the residents ideally have compatible interests and preferences. Individual supports are also provided in this service where service recipients can express and participate in activities of personal interest.  We encourage all residents to participate in life to it’s fullest to include having family interactions in their home, community, or at their family home, have pets, expand interests, and much more. Contact us for availability and to be included on a wait list.

Respite Services

Respite Services are approved to give families or other non-paid care provider a brief break from primary care. These services can be used in the event the primary care provider has an emergency, as needed or on a routine basis. This service includes help with activities of daily living in the home, providing access to the community and monitoring health and safety. In-home respite services are available to children and adults in their home.

Non-Center Based Day Support, Community Engagement/Coaching

Capriccio Elite, LLC offers Community Engagement and Community Coaching services for children and adults aged 8 years and older. These services take place exclusively in the community and are designed to facilitate connections with others in the community while accessing typical activities and benefits of community life equal to those available to the general population.  Coaching services are generally time limited and are provided to persons on a one to one basis with the goal of building specific skills to address barriers that prevent the individual from participating in the greater community. Community engagement services are provided in groups of two or three individuals with similar interests and preferences.

Personal Assistance

Personal Assistance services are available for people who do not need or want skill building but do need direct supports with activities of daily living, independent activities of daily living (laundry, cooking and similar), access to the community, and monitoring of health and safety. Service can be provided in the individual’s home, community, place of employment, or post-secondary school. Services are available to persons who might also be approved for Respite service.

Companion Services

Companion services are available for people age 18 and older who either live in their own home (with or without unpaid supports) or people who live in a 24 hour residential service (such as Sponsored Residential Home or Group Home). Companion care is designed to provide companionship. Skill building is not a focus in this service, rather a type of ‘qualified professional buddy’. People who might benefit from this service are those that need someone to be available for “down time” activities such as light housekeeping, going to the movies and similar.

Service Facilitation

Individuals enrolled in the Family and individual Services or Community Living waivers may select the consumer-directed model of service delivery for respite, personal assistance, and companion services. In choosing this service, the individual identifies an “employer of record” who is responsible for the oversight of the attendant’s work. A Service Facilitator is also required to be chosen. The Service Facilitator is responsible for:

  • Meeting with you, your identified Employee of Record, and Case Manager to conduct an initial assessment.
  • Helping the Employer of Record to fill out paperwork to connect with the Fiscal Agent (the entity that will pay your employees/attendants).
  • Write and submit the plan and other documentation to all required parties.
  • Provide the Employer of Record with training on required tasks of the employer.
  • Provide training for the hired attendants.
  • Complete routine visits.
  • Conduct annual reassessments.

Community Guide/Community Housing Guide

The Community Guide and Community Housing Guide services are available to adults aged 18 and older who have a desire to make choices and manage one’s own life by taking steps to move toward more independent living and reduce reliance on Medicaid funded services. The purpose of the service is to provide very specific, short term supports to help the individual connect with resources in the community and/or to find independent housing. Candidates for this service have a desire to move towards more independent living by increasing his or her connections within his community through activities such as clubs, special interest groups, sport or other team activities, etc.   Candidates for Community Housing Guide services have a desire to move to his or her own home or apartment.


The Role of a general Community Guide / Community Housing Guide is to help:

Assess and develop with the individual time limited and specific goals related to independent community activities and/or housing.

Help identify, research, and connect the individual to preferred activities available in naturally occurring environments.  

Help the individual connect to non-Medicaid funded community resources.   

Help to build supportive community relationships that rely on mutually shared activities in which staff are not required.

Explore independent housing options to include help with identifying and securing safe and affordable housing.

Help the individual request and secure resources to cover initial housing expenses.

Provide training on the role, rights and responsibilities of the tenant and landlord.

…and more!

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